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Modern Craftsman Landscape Feature


Project Description

Texture, Line, Repetition and Contrast are all words that help to describe the aesthetic of this modern landscape feature. 


Texture was represented in the chosen materials and brought to life with certain construction methods.  The materials used included cedar, board-formed concrete, steel and natural stone.  In particular the board-formed concrete has an industrial aesthetic and upon close inspection one can see grain imprints of the linear 2x6 boards used for forming the concrete walls.  During the concrete pour the boards are spaced slightly to allow small amounts of concrete to seep between the boards - once set you get a dramatic horizontal line pattern on the wall (Line). 


The board-forming method directly relates to the cedar fencing in its horizontality and spacing.  The horizontal cedar fencing starts at the bottom with wide cedar boards and as it repeats vertically the scale of each board gets more narrow in a logical repeating pattern (Repetition).  Furthermore, louvers, decking and the cable railing all work together to emphasize line and repetition to create a cohesive architecture.


Each material was chosen and designed to emphasize its own natural color and properties.  As a whole, the materials contrast and compliment each other beautifully while being durable and functional choices for the Wisconsin climate.


Amenities include a custom designed & constructed gas fireplace, grille pergola, sculpture garden, landscape planting beds and privacy screening.


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Outdoor Modern Living

Modern Craftsman Landscape Feature

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