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Historic Office Building Renovation

Stamm Technologies & Stamm Media


LOCATION: Walker's Point (Milwaukee), Wisconsin
STATUS: Construction Documents & Bidding
SIZE: 22,000 sf  Office Building
PROGRAM: Adaptive reuse of a 1880's historic, industrial building being converted into office space for a company specializing in Information Technology and Digital Media.



Stamm Technologies, a company  specializing in Information Technology and Digital Media, is relocating and consolidating its offices into an 1880’s industrial building.  The adaptive reuse includes an exposed historic structure of doug fir timber joists, cream city brick and ironwork.  The new program includes offices for 40 employees (from four different tech companies), a software training room, conference rooms, a new loading dock and a theater for 50 people.  The theater that will also be used for community purposes has interior overhead glass doors that allow the meetings to spill into a communal cafe.  Once in the cafe space, a new atrium has been cut between the public main floor and the offices above to have a visual and acoustic connection.  

The first step in the sustainable design of this project was to maximize reuse and reconstruction of the historic building.  The interior was cleared of the 1980’s drywall. The structure was freed of multiple layers of paint (during part of its history the building was an industrial painting company). Exterior windows once filled in with glass block, were reopened and maple plank flooring throughout was resurrected.  Original steel i-beams and tin-covered rolling fire doors maintain the original industrial character.

Located in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood at 117 West Pittsburgh Street, is part of the National Park Services “South First and Second Street Historic District”.  The building complex was historically developed as three separate structures and at one point all were owned and occupied by the sheet metal manufacturer Hoffman and Bauer Co.

The design incorporates various wall treatments including reclaimed wood, galvanized sin-wave decking and metal interlocking tiles.   Each material was chosen and designed to emphasize its own natural finish.  The rustication of the newly applied materials compliment  the existing fabric of timber joists and brick load-bearing masonry.  Throughout the building, construction connections are shown to highlight the tectonic quality of the construction process.  Perforated metal panels are bolted directly to custom steel frames for an atrium railing and privacy screens.  Shelving in the cafe and reception desk includes thick slabs of wood supported with black gas piping & threaded flanges.  New stair towers are constructed with structural steel including diamond plate treads with a black oxide finish.

The existing building had no stairs to connect the multiple floors, a single freight elevator provided the only conveyance.  Color and material are used in the new stair towers and elevator to assist in wayfinding.  At each level, the exit stair is clad in vertical sin-wave steel decking with a “fire red” colored door.  The elevator door is also red in color and a wall surface clad in interlocking metal panels.

The first phase of the project was cataloging the entire building to gain a full understanding of the structural complexities prior to designing the new program.   Extensive building documentation was required due to the combination of 5 buildings (each built at separate times.)   The digital model is precise in its accuracy by including materials, true wall thickness, heights, floor joist sizing/spacing/direction and  flooring types.


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Historic Office Building Renovation

Stamm Technologies & Stamm Media Office Building

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