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Historic Farmhouse

Addition & Renovation


Project Description

Nestled into the landscape of a winding creek and farm fields surrounded by treelines, a beautiful farmhouse (once owned for generations) will undergo a major transformation.  Meeting the needs of a modern family, the design will include a wing for the children (the old fieldstone farmhouse), new greatroom/kitchen/dining, a full master suite and 3-car garage. 

Organizationally, the program of spaces are arranged in a linear courtyard scheme, carefully focusing views and allowing in maximum amounts of natural daylight.  Rather than mimicking the existing historic farmhouse, the new aesthetic uses contemporary, industrial detailing & a rustic material pallet.  Weathered wood, over-mortared stonework & prefinished metal compliment the existing while defining its own presence.  The exterior cladding is a thermally modified wood that weathers naturally while resisting rot/insects.  Nail heads are left exposed and allowed to rust creating a patina in a regular pattern.  Roof overhangs are held tight to the wall surface due to a 6” thick structurally insulated panel roof. 


The interior includes an open plan with spacious contemporary volumes.  Whitewashed decking & trusses w/ threaded rod collar ties create the finished surface of the ceiling. The upper level consists of a master suite with exterior and interior balconies.  Woodland and the creek are put on display, viewed through a giant store front window with horizontally spaced mullions.


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Historic Farmhouse

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Addition & Renovation


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