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Forestry Awareness Center


Four goals were established to guide the development of the architecture.  First, the Forestry Awareness Center must become and integral component of the microcosm created by the Milwaukee County Grounds development, representing responsible forestry practices, water waste management, city planning and environmental design.  Second, in order to perpetuate the natural cycle and respect wood as a renewable resource, the Forestry Education Center’s three components: region, educational program and architecture must embody the concept of regeneration.  Third, the ability to calculate the environmental impact of the building is required for the purpose of regenerating the center from species native to the region.  Finally, the project must represent innovative wood construction, a balance of function and aesthetics between solid sawn lumber and timbers vs. structural engineered wood.


The mission of the center is to educate generations toward the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the natural environment through the creation of a sanctuary that represents organic interdependence.  Life within a forest depends on the natural relationships between the atmosphere, canopy, understory, forest floor and the subsoil micro-organisms.  The relationships foster a regenerative process of life, death and decay that ensures the vitality of the forest and inhabitants.  Through responsible forestry practices, mankind’s entrance into the forest can be mutually beneficial by accelerating the natural process of regeneration while extracting an abundant, sustainable resource.   Therefore, the design of the Forestry Awareness Center embraces responsible forestry concepts while educating and becoming the physical manifestation of the regenerative process.


Regeneration focuses on innovative wood construction and environmental awareness through the design of a forestry awareness center.  The project site will become a state forest with nature center, water retention basins for flood prevention and an economic development zone stimulated through private ownership.


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Forestry Awareness Center

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