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Uptown Brass Center

Urban Redevelopment


Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Size: (3) Mixed use buildings and (1) commercial anchor tenant building

Program: Urban redevelopment on former industrial brownfield site to include mixed-use commercial/retail, residential housing and public open space

Project Description

The Uptown Brass Center is a large neighborhood revitalization project planned near downtown Kenosha.  The goal of the project is to create a visually appealing public urban space that offers commercial, residential and recreational opportunities for area residents.

With a fresh, contemporary design that is respectful of the city's industrial character and history, this high quality mixed-use development will inspire a greater sense of community and attract retail activity from visitors beyond the immediate neighborhoods.  Located on a former industrial site, the Uptown Brass Center reflects an ongoing commitment by the City of Kenosha to improve the quality of life for its residents.


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Mixed Use Development

Mixed Use Buildings and Anchor Retail Building

Uptown Brass Center

Kenosha, WI


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