Shingle Style on the Bay

Lake Home Remodel


Project Description

Built in the mid-1980’s, the original home was of average quality with interior finishes looking rather dated and exterior materials rapidly deteriorating. The home was divided into a cellular arrangement of rooms with varying spatial volumes, arbitrary angular wall arrangements and unnecessary floor level changes. The style of the home had no major overriding influence and was rather unremarkable from a design point of view. Three, segmented rooms occupied the main level lakeside of the home: a living room, central kitchen and dining room. The existing rooms were demolished down to studs requiring all new cabinetry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. New windows & doors were relocated in the exterior walls to enhance the interior design and emphasize views. An existing small seating bay was demolished and restructured to double its size. The redesign of the kitchen was part of a whole house remodeling that included complimentary stylized detailing on the exterior. The finished work was an eclectic mix of styles including arts & crafts, shingle style and craftsman detailing.


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Shingle Style on the Bay

Lake Home Remodel

Lake Du Bay, WI


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