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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shipping Container Restaurant

Fast Service Restaurant & Office Lease Space


LOCATION: Walker's Point (Milwaukee), Wisconsin
STATUS: Design
SIZE: 1,200 sf  Restaurant & 800 sf Office Rental
PROGRAM: Create a compact, fast service restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating and a leasable second floor office tenant



Designed to mimic shipping containers, this fast service restaurant occupies a compact building footprint.  The ample outdoor seating faces the southern exposure and includes a steel frame shading structure (the structure allows the space to change with the seasons with the ability to suspend shading devices or decorations/lighting).  A beer garden service window is adjacent to the main outdoor seating and will be available during small concert events, allowing for the restaurant owner to hire small musical acts and fill their parking lot temporarily.

Functionally, the interior space contains a linear kitchen and 23 indoor customer seats.  A container structure on the rear of the building services as a screen wall to hide all mechanicals and HVAC units.

The building is composed of corrugated steel decking for siding, steel plate trim and steel beams for the exterior shading armature.  Stained wood is used for louvers and flooring to add a warmth to the modern design aesthetic.

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Shipping Container Restaurant

Fast Service Restaurant & Office Lease Space

Walkers Point, WI


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